Preamble of the Constitution Song Week 1 & 2

Moby Max- remember - 1st name2letters of last name abc123

Reading Comprehension for 3/10/17

Reading Comp for 3/10/17

Statue of Liberty video ELD 201617

What is an acrostic poem?

Story Bird Online

Accelerated Reader

Welcome to Mrs. Sanchez's ELD Page- we will be working here to practice our English Language Development skills...​

CELDT Practice for Listening
Listening Quiz

Listening Quiz 2

Listening Quiz II

Citizenship- James Ale & Central Park-

Constitution Day is September 17th!!!!

Central Park
New York, New York:

Mrs. Sanchez in Central Park

Central Park Information

Animal Adaptations- The Desert & Lost -
How to draw a bat
Bat Adaptations
Magic Schoolbus Going Batty!

Native Americans & Folktales- Gluskabe, Sky Tree & The Fox in the Moon-

Aesop and His Fables

Life Cycles - The Ugly Vegetables & Plants-

More vegetable soup recipes...

Pioneers & Immigration- Eve Bunting's World of Stories Unit 6 and Family Gifts Unit 8-

Comparing Literature- Cinderella stories, Patricia Polacco, Alexander books-

Disney's Cinderella

Adelita- Mexican Cinderella story by Tomie de Paola
Korean Cinderella

Apostrophe s video
Apostrophe s video II

Plural Game #1

Lucy plurals

Plural noun review

Plural and Possessives

Possessive Nouns Game #1


Apostrophe 2

Alphabetizing Games

ABC Order- Easy

ABC Order- Medium

Alphabetizing Intermediate

Alphabetizing Hard

Sight word Bingo

Grade 3 Learning Games and Activities

Great Games **for Teachers** Reference materials

Main Idea

Kid President Guide to Being Awesome

Fuel the Brain!!!

Antonym Memory GAme

Hopposite Game

Antonym Match

Antonym Frogs

Synonyms and Antonyms Game

Synonym Antonym Carnival

Antonym Synonym Game 2

Antonym Synonym Tutor
Synonym game 1

Synonym Building

Synonym Match

Synonym Match 2

Synonym Challenge

Antonym Pigs' Tennis Game

Antonym Matching

Antonym Practice

Scholastic First Thanksgiving

Spelling- Does it make sense?

After watching the video and listening to the story The Lunch Box Bully , write about what you can do if you see someone being bullied, or if you're being bullied.
external image The_Ant_Bully_book_cover.jpg

February and March: Spelling, Punctuation, Writing Conventions, Genre - Folktales

The Fox in the Moon from Courtney Wolfram on Vimeo.

LL Cool J Punctuation

Punctuation Games

Capitalization and Punctuation


Punctuating Sentences

Guide Words Game


Homophone Jeopardy!

Homonym Game

Homphone Quizzzz

Homophones Quizzz2

Homonym Pop-Ups

Homophone Video PBS

Homophone Matching Game

Homonym Game

Homophone Game 2

Which word is which? Bunny

Reference Materials Jeopardy!

Subject Predicate Video

Subject Predicate Worksheet 1

Subject Predicate Powerpoint
Spiderman Subject Predicate
Fishing Subject/Predicate Game
Subject predicate- millionaire game
Ride the Predicate Game

We will be working on plurals and possessives-do the games in order and be sure to stay on this page only!!
Have fun while you're learning!
Noun movie
Bug Catcher
Noun Dunk

Prefix Jeopardy

Prefixes Millionaire
Building Prefixes
Practice with Prefixes
Prefix Suffix Match
Prefix and Suffix
Prefix and Suffix Practice
Homophone Game

January Look for the answers to the quiz under "timeline starts here" and answer the questions:

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Web Search

Find the Main Idea

Main Idea

Interactive Reading Practice

Toon University- Games
Homework Help


Plural Nouns Video

Find the Nouns

Sequencing Stories

Noun Dunk

Parts of Speech #1

Subject and Predicate

Main Idea and Details

Fact or Opinion

Reading Tests

Homophone Lesson

Homophone Game 2

Multiple Meaning Word Match

Tools for Reading Comprehension

Zoo Story

Complete the Sentence

Grammar Review!

Context Clues


Tall Tales