Mystery Science

Eclipse!!! Mystery Science for 8/21/17
Science, Engineering games and stories


Kid President- How to be an Inventor

Science at Home ideas

Lawrence Hall of Science Activities

Unit 1: Heredity

Day 1: Save Sam!!!

Save Sam Pow Toon

Punnett Squares:

Punnett Squares for Kids

Ted Ed Evolution Myths

Munchkin cat

dog evolution.jpg

Unit 2: Fossils

What do paleontologists use?

I am a paleontologist!

index.jpgThis is SCHIST

Fossil Rock

School Yard Geology
Fossils, Rocks, and Time
The Paleontology Portal
Natural Museum of History

They used to walk. They used to swim.
They used to fly with a toothy grin.
Some ate plants and some ate meat.
Some walked around on just two feet.

Oh, the dinosaurs! Big as trees!
The dinosaurs! Brains like peas!
Jaws and claws and teeth and bone...
that used to growl and groan and moan.

Some had feathers. Some had scales.
Spikes clubs and whip-like tails.
They fought like dragons. The earth sure shock.
The volcanos sizzled and the lava coocked.


Tyrannosaurus Rex was a terrible king.
The Stegosaurus' tail could really swing.
Brachiosaurus liked to stomp.
Trachodon would chew and chomp.


They roamed the earth for a hundred million years...
without worries, ares or fears.
Then one day they hit the soil...
now they're fossils, gas and oil!


Good day for all of you! ^^

Start at 34:26 for Life Cycle/Babies
Unit 3: Lifecycles and Adaptations
Life Cycle Video from Make Me Genius

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Bird Beaks Video

Bird Beak Adaptations

Magic Schoolbus goes to seed

Natural Selection
Click to Run


Unit 1: Forces and Motion

Newton's Laws of Motions Review site
force-and-motion- cartoon

Scholastic Forces and Motion

Force and Motion Video II

Free Falling in Space

Falling in a vacuum

Unit 2: Magnets

What can a magnet do?

Unit 3: Climate and Engineering Solutions to Climate Hazards

Remember Mark Twain's quote: "Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get."

Types of Clouds- funny video for kids
Climates of the World

NASA Kids - What is an engineer?

When Nature Strikes! Earthquakes!!!

National Geo Climate video


California's WaterFix Tunnels

What is an Earthquake? The Dr. Binocs Show

Scholastic WeatherWatch teacher activities

Weather Reporting Game/Simulation

Climate Kids NASA

Waterproof Windsocks from recycled objects!

The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids
Space Weather Center
Tree House Weather Kids

Stop Disasters! Simulation Game

Bill Nye on Climate

Magic Schoolbus In a Storm

Global Warming 101

El Nino vs The Blob

What is engineering?

Earth Day/ Global Warming/ Save the Earth!!!

The Magic School Bus and Global Warming lesson plans


Science - Bridges to Biology Summer 2014

What is biology?

Week Two Day 1- Ecology

Living Ecosystem Video

Week Two Day 3 - Population

Week Two Day 3

Week Two Day 4- Cycles

Water Cycle:

Carbon Cycle:

Week Three Day 1: Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle Video

Week Three Day 3: Oil Spill

Oil train derails in downtown Lynchburg article
Oil train derails in Colorado article
Exxon oil spill info
Galapagos oil spill prevention efforts

Week Three Day 4: Biosphere

Biosphere Information
Biomes Video: